In order to meet the needs of clients, I offer a wide array of treatment options..  For those individuals who may feel over-whelmed, I recommend booking the Advanced European Facial, which blocks out enough time for most any other facial option..  When you come in, we will discuss what is best for your skin and budget. 

Looking for ways to save?  Check out the specials page for deals and packaging options that will get you the results you are looking for, all while optimizing your budget.   


Classic European Facial:  This facial treatment hydrates, smoothes and replenishes the skin.  The skin is prepared with a deep cleanse, tone and exfoliation designed for your skin type and concerns.  Encompassing unique European massage techniques that revitalize and stimulate, skin is instantly refreshed and toned.  Customized products are selected providing hydration and rejuvenation. Sealing in all these nutrient rich ingredients with a customized mask followed by finished products.  This treatment leaves your skin feeling and looking radiant while your body and mind are deeply relaxed  

60 Minutes ($130)

Advanced European Facial: Take it up a notice with this relaxing, result oriented facial that is customized for any skin type and concern.   An initial welcoming cleansing massage is one to relax the body and prepare the skin.  After the skin is toned and rebalanced, the legendary Parisian RÉNOVATEUR is applied to remove dead skin cells and smooth out rough skin by means of a double exfoliation, mechanical and enzymatic action.  This is followed by an application of treatment products and photonutrient rich cream that is massaged into the skin using advanced European modulating techniques to firm and tone the skin.  Next, as your skin absorbs all the effects of a customized treatment masks, a relaxing shoulder, neck, and head massage is preformed.  The skin is rebalanced and hydrated with advanced serums and creams that are scientifically proven to deliver results.  You will feel rejuvenated and your skin youthful and glowing.

75 minutes ($150)

Add on LED treatment

30 minutes ($65)

Add on micro current or the non-surgical face lift machine for maximum lifting and toning effects

20 minutes ($50)

Oxygen Infusion FacialThis facial is designed for dull, tired skin that is lacking vitality.  This treatment draws oxygen molecules into the skin which increases circulation and helps brighten the skin.   A gentle enzyme exfoliant is massaged into the skin with steam. Next the cells are stimulated with a combination of 25% vitamin C and stem cells that are then massaged into the skin with a hydrating facial oil. A stimulating oxygenating mask is applied followed by finishing treatment products customized for your skin. This treatment stimulates the skin creating an optimal environment for product penetration and absorption. The skin appears brighter and smoother in one treatment.

60 minutes ($135)

Add on Dermaplane for optimal results

10 minutes ($35)

Flawless Facial:  This intensive treatment is designed for mature skin; where wrinkles are diminished, dull and tired skin is brightened and the skin is firmed.  This facial deliver immediate and dramatic results.  After a deep cleanse, a chemical peel is applied to resurface the skin.  High potency ampoules and serums are applied and massaged into the skin using European modulating techniques to improve facial contours.  The non-surgical face lift is the then used to erase lines, revitalize and tone the skin.  A double mask is then layered on the skin, working synergistically together to brighten and firm the skin.  A layer of paraffin is then applied to seal in the mask pushing products deep into the skin for maximum results. A shoulder, neck and head massage is performed for relation. Customized serums and creams are then applied to finish this luxurious facial.

120 minutes ($250)

Switch out the chemical peel for derma plane at no additional cost.

Purifying Facial 1 and 2: These facial options are ideal for anyone experiencing occasional breakouts, mild to severe acne, or anything in-between.  This is a customized treatment that unclogs pores, rebalances the pH of the skin and rebalances hydration.  A thorough, double cleanse prepares the skin for resurfacing. Micro current disincrustation is then utilized to pull up impurities followed by a skin specific exfoliate to further cleanse, exfoliate and prepare the skin for extractions and optimal product penetration.  After the skin is prepped, extractions are performed followed by high frequency to destroy bacteria.  Lymphatic drainage massage helps remove toxins from the skin and enhances skins appearance.  A mud mask is applied to tighten pores and purify the skin followed by a potent skin specific serum and cream. Choose facial option one for minimal acne/congestion in the skin or facial option 2 for individuals who need a lot of extractions.

60 minutes ($150)

75 minutes ($170)

Express Facial: For individuals who want to experience all the benefits of a facial but don’t always have the time for a full service.  This customized facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask catered to your specific skin care goals and concerns. 

40 minutes ($85)

Teen Facial: Developing good skin care habits at a young age is so important. Teenage skin can be all over the place, especially as puberty hits and hormones start to change the skins oil production, causing the skin to become imbalanced. With this customized facial for young skin, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated. Pores are unclogged followed by high frequency to get bacteria under control. Treatment products are then applied to rebalance the skin and improve the skin’s overall appearance.  A customized mask is used to further balance the skin. Create a customized skin care plan to address your skin care concerns.  This facial is for teens only.

60 minutes ($105)

Back Facial:  Often times our back get neglected and can be difficult to treat.  A back facial is a great way to exfoliate, unclog pores, rebalance the hydrate the skin.  This treatment consists of a deep and purifying cleanse and exfoliation.  Extractions are performed followed by high frequency to destroy bacteria.  Using European massage techniques your skin will feel revitalized and relaxed.  A mask is applied and the treatment is finished with an application of cream specific to your skin care needs.

60 minutes ($130)

LED Facial: Medical grade LED machine delivers instant results. This LED machine offers dozen of programs for any skin conditions. LED can treat acne, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, brightening, post treatment recovery and so much more. This has been one of my favorite treatments to offer clients as it never disappoints. Clients always leave with their skin showing signitifant results in just one treatment. The skin is cleansed and prepped. I often will do derma plan (add on) or a chemical peel as the exfoliation but can also do a more traditional enzyme or mechanical exfoliation if the client desires. After this some extractions are performed followed by the LED session. This treatment can range in time depending on the skin condition and program settings we choose. During the second half to this treatment, program specific serums and products are applied with blue light, which pushes the products into live tissue.

Non-surgical Face Lift: Using state of the art bio-electrotherapy, the combination of 3 powerful currents will result in wider eyes, more prominent cheekbones, softer wrinkles, and more defined contours.  Add on one of our result oriented treatment masks for optimal results.  (masks range from $35-$75)

50 minutes ($165)

This treatment works best as a series. Save some money by purchasing a packages of 3 for a 20% savings ($396, normally 495), or a package of 6 for a 30% savings ($693, normally $990,

Micro-Needling Facial: Using the most trusted and technological advanced Micro-Needling Device, this facial delivers fast and effective results.  Micro-needling is used to treat individuals with scars, wrinkles or sagging skin,  hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.  During this treatment, your skin will be cleansed and a local anesthetic cream will be applied to your skin for maximum comfort during the procedure.  By using the body’s own healing process, micro-needling stimulates new collagen production caused by small, controlled wounds in the dermis. One pass is performed, opening the skin allowing channels where a selection of potential serums are applied. A second pass is then performed to further push these active ingredients into live tissue. After the procedure, a mask is applied for optimal results.  Micro-needling procedure may be done on other areas of the body, call for more details on pricing.

90 minutes ($195)

Take this up a notch by adding on the LED machine to heal the skin

Microcurrent Facial: This treatment utilizes the best microcurrent technology the industry has to offer.  Using electrical frequencies that mirror the body’s own electrical impulses, the skin is rejuvenated as underlying muscle tone is strengthened resulting is a younger, firmer and smoother appearance.  Toning your facial muscles is like toning any other muscle group, you need to work out on a regular basis in order to build muscle. Similarly, microcurrent tones your facial muscles and usually takes a number of treatments to achieve desired results. A series of 6-10 is recommended. After you have achieved your desired results, occasional maintenance is recommended to maintain results. 

75 minutes ($165)

Derma planning Facial: Experience dramatic results with derma planning.  The skin is cleansed and prepped. Derma planning is then performed, leaving your skin resurfaced and smooth in appearance and touch. Vellus hairs are effectively removed from the face during this treatment. Derma planning opens the skin up for amazing product absorption. Customized serums and treatment products are applied, followed by a mask that is specific to your skin care needs. Your skin will appear bright, rejuvenated and silky smooth.

60 minutes ($135)

Derma planning & Chemical Peel:  Combing the resurfacing effects of both derma planning and a chemical peel provide instant and dramatic results.  With arange of medical grade chemical peels that treat any skin care condition, you will experience results with in your first treatment.  Skin specific serums are applied followed by a customized mask to treat and correct your specific skin care concerns.

75 minutes (160)

Derma-planning: This is a quick and painless treatment that effectively exfoliates the skin, removing any dead skin cells and vellus hairs. The skin is cleansed and prepped, followed by derma planning. Skin specific serums and cream are applied afterwards to finish up this quick result driven treatment.

30 minutes ($75)

PCA/IMAGE Chemical Peel Facial: Whether you are looking to brighten up a dull complexion, decrease the appearance of acne scars, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, PCA and IMAGE progressive chemical peels deliver fast and effective results.  A chemical peel will be selected based on your specific skin care concerns and applied to the face.  A series of highly active serums will be applied to the skin selected specifically for your skin concerns.  There are a variety of ways to achieve advanced results for the skin.  Adding on derma planning, micro current, micro needling, or LED with this treatment is a fun way to take this treatment to the next level. Your skin will never get tired of the number of ways to work with these progressive treatments.  

Ranges from 60-90 minutes (starts at $145)

PCA Chemical Peel:  This is an excellent treatment for individuals who are tight on time but still looking to obtain the effective results of the IMAGE/PCA’s medical grade chemical peels.  You will receive a thorough cleanse and then a customized peel will be applied to the skin followed by an application of cream and SPF.  

30 minutes (starts at $85)


Eye Treatment: Tighten, firm, reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines with one of our advanced eye treatment solutions.

15 minutes, Starts at $35-55

Chemical Peel Spot treatment: Remove the signs of aging on the hands with a chemical peel. Can also spot treat areas of the face and body that need extra attention due to sun damage and aging.

10-15 minutes, Starts at $25-75

Foot and Hand Massage:  Add on a relaxing foot and hand massage during your treatment.

20 minutes, $30

Head and Neck Massage:  Add on a relaxing head and neck massage during your treatment.

20 minutes, $30 


I now only offer one body treatment simply cause it truly covers such a wide array of concerns my clients express having that it ended up being the only one I ever did!

Sudatonic Slimming Body Treatment: The Sudatonic Infra-red technology increases metabolism, flushes out toxins, improves skin’s appearance and texture; assists in weight loss, cellulite and stretch mark reduction.  The Sudatonic slimming body wrap is a one stop treatment for all your skin care needs. Want to detox, great, this does that. Want to lose weight, great this does that. What to tone your skin, great this does that. Want to smooth out rough skin, great this does that!

You want to make sure you bring a change of clothes with you to this treatment that are loose fitting as the products that are utilized during this treatment need to remain on the skin for up to 12 hours for maximum results. During this treatment, 3 different potent products are mixed together and applied to the skin relatively quickly. After this, the body is wrapped in plastic and then the Sudatonic wrap. You stay wrapped for no longer than an hour. During this time, the first 30 mins or so will be relatively relaxing, but towards the end of the treatment expect to get very hot and sweaty! Clients burn an average of 1500 to 3000 calories in each treatment.

60 minutes ($140)

Facial Add on: Many clients love adding on facials to the subtonic body wrap. It serves as a relaxing distraction from the heat of the wrap and you get to save money when you combine these treatments together!

Facial add ons start at 75 dollars, savings of $75-$95). LED facial add on is $95-$115, a savings of $70-$80. Add on the non-surgical face lift for 80 dollars ($85 dollar savings).

Sudatonic wraps provide the best results when done on a regular basis.  You can purchase a package of 3, 6 or 10.  Call for prices 206-486-5331

Dry Brushing w/ Sudatonic Body Wrap: If you want additional exfoliation, I recommend adding on dry brushing, which further detoxifies the skin, sloughs off dead skin cells, stimulates the skin and prepares the skin for production absorption.

Body Polish: Feel silky smoothing with this relaxing treatment.   Skin is exfoliated and toxins are flushed out using dry brushing.  The skin is further exfoliated using  unique polish that combines marine algae extracts with hydrating, exfoliating beads.  The treatment is finished with an application of hydrating cream with marine extracts that will invigorate the senses.

60 minutes ($95)


Lash Tinting ($40)

Brow Tinting ($35)

Lash & Brow Tinting ($60)

Brow ($25)

Lip ($15)

Jawline ($40)

Full Face ($55)

Chin ($15)

First Time Brazilian ($80)

Maintenance Brazilian ($65) – Within 6 weeks of last service

Extended Bikini ($50)

Bikini ($35)

Full Leg ($80)

Half Leg ($50)

Full Arm ($45)

Half Arm ($35)

Men Waxing

Chest ($45)

Stomach ($35)

Back  ($65)

Ears ($15)

Nose ($20)


Experience the difference with higher quality lashes that will last longer and feel and look like your natural lash.  Each lash service starts off with a consultation, where we discuss the lash length, thickness and style you are looking for. In addition, I will examine your lash quality to let you know what lashes will best support your natural lashes and go over what looks will best suit your eye shape.

Volume Lashes 2D-3D ($195)

Volume Lashes 4D-6D  ($250)

Partial Volume Set ($165)

Volume Lash Fill  2D-3D ($85) 2 week fill from last service

Volume Lash fill 4D-6D ($105) 2 weeks from last service

Lash fills 3 weeks or longer, prices vary depending on how many lashes on still left on, and how much time and work is require. Anything after this may require a full set. 

Full Set Mink ($150)

Partial Set Mink ($105)

Lash Fill Mink ($65) 2 weeks from time of service

Lash Fill Mink ($75) 3 weeks from last service

The Perfect Eyes  ($35-$45) Make your eyes stand out even more with this luxurious treatment.  While you are getting a full set or just a fill, experience the added benefit of reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.  This relaxing treatment only adds on 15 extra minutes but provides long lasting results


I have partnered with Deluxe Brows, one of the top microblading companies in the industry in order to provide the highest quality experience! At the time of your appointment, we will discuss what to expect during, and after your first appointment. After we go over contraindications and make sure you are a good candidate for this service, your brows will be mapped out and shaped. Once we have nailed down the shape you are looking for, a numbing solution is applied to the brows to help ease any discomfort from microblading. The appropriate pigment is then selected and approved by the client. Total appointment time is about 2 hours but the actual microblading process takes only about an hour. Afterwards, we will discuss home care and precautions. We will then set up your 6 week touch up appointment. At this appointment we will complete the brow look. Clients typically get touch ups every 1-2 years.

Microblading cost: $500 (this includes your 6 week follow up appointment)

Annual touch up cost: $250 (this is for a single appointment)

Some clients skin does not hold microblading pigment as well as others. If your pigment has mostly faded out of the skin, you will need to do a full treatment again.

Consultation is required before doing a touch up on another practioners work.

Is microblading right for you?  Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment where hair strokes or shading is placed in between the epidermis and dermis with pigment.    This treatment can last up to two years.  If you have uneven brows, gaps, or just plain want fuller looking brows, this is the treatment for you.  The initial cost of the treatment includes one free touch up.  Make your eyebrows your most favorite accessory and book today! Call 206-486-5331 or text 425-736-5658 with questions or to schedule your appointment.