French Me's vision is simple.  We want to provide the highest quality treatments through the most current, scientifically proven advancements the industry has to offer.  We believe everyone can have beautiful skin, and we work endless to providing that to our clients!  We hope to empower people to take hold of their skin's future through exceptional home care and most important, education.  Our mission is to have each individual leave our spa not only feeling great, but looking exceptional with a tool bag full of useful skin care tips to take home.  If you don't see a change in your skin, why bother paying for a facial?  The owner, Isabella Fly, struggled with this very same question over a decade ago when providing treatments at a high end spa and seeing little to no results.  She knew that achieving flawless, great skin was possible but was unable to access her vast amount of resources. After a long journey to uncover the best skin care products and equipment the industry has to offer Isabella decided to share what she discovered with her clients at French ME Spa in Capitol Hill.  At French ME you will experience knowledgeable, passionate practitioners who put you and your skin first. Come in and see what your skin is missing!