I have always had a fascination with the skin and a strong desire to understand its physiological mechanisms.  At a young age I set out to understand how the skin works and uncover ways to treat difficult skin conditions that people experience throughout life.  My deepened curiosity lead me to pursue a career in the field of Aesthetics.  Graduating from the Euro Institute in 2007 and receiving my medical certification in 2009, I have been working in the industry for 8 years.  Throughout the years, I have been on a journey to discover the best skin care solutions the industry has to offer.  Throughout my discoveries, I desperately wanted to be able to offer my clients these effective skin treatments.  After working for various high end spas, I found that these companies were unable to meet the needs of my clients by providing them with the highest quality of skin care and advancing with the ever growing industry.  In order to provide my clients with the best skin care products, a wider array of effective treatment options at a competitive price, and more personalized services, I decided to open up my business in 2010.  After working out of the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Seattle, I decided to revamp the business and move to Capitol Hill.  Capitol Hill is full of variety and individuality, much like my approach to skin care.  I am a firm believer in continued education and staying up to date with any advances in the industry.  As a result, you know that you are being treated with skin care products and technology that is the best of the industry.  Through working with a number of skin care companies from around the world to find the best beauty solutions, I have uncovered a handful of products and technology that are effective and deliver the results my clients are looking for.  I offer only the highest quality services with scientifically proven results.  With these resources at my disposal and my passion for skin, I am able to effectively address my clients needs and treat their skin to achieve their goals.  French ME is here to uncovering your skins true potential!